How to Begin an Online Paralegal Certification Program

By Lanee’ Blunt

Become a paralegal--
image by Google images.

Having a paralegal certificate is not mandatory but it may help you land the job. If you already have an associate’s or bachelor’s degree in another major you may get a paralegal certificate and enter the field. There is an examination process and the certification program requires that you have one year experience. A program offers specialized training for paralegals with an internship for the student to go into a specific area of law.

Online paralegal certification programs are popular for people that work full time. Online programs are an excellent option for students that have to travel a long distance. Many different online schools offer degree programs and certificate programs. Courses students take are legal research, introduction to the legal system and paralegal, ethics, contracts, civil litigation and contracts. There will be assigned reading and textbook work, online content assignments and testing.

There are a lot of recognized schools that have online paralegal certification programs. The online program offers students flexibility to complete the program at their own pace. It may take you from three months to one year to complete the certification program. Students are allowed to live anywhere in the United States and can enroll in an online school of their choosing. The median wage of paralegals is $46,680 annually. Top earning paralegals make in the range of $70,000 a year with bonuses and overtime pay. If the law firm is busy working on a big case a paralegal can be expected to work long hours. Most paralegals receive benefit packages such as medical insurance, dental and life insurance, reimbursement for continued legal education, 401(K) savings, paid sick leave, vacation, and personal time off.


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